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aptop lenovo model number check hello everyone, what's the best way to download and install ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64.iso from a torrent using the command line? I am thinking of using taule to make it go faster, but I'm not sure what to do. i'm using 13.10 on a dell latitude d830 laptop and my touchpad driver is recognized but the mouse doesn't work soopadoopa: apt-get or wget CQN: I want to be able to use it on multiple computers, so would I use the apt-get on one computer and then manually copy it to the others? soopadoopa: also I recommend using wget soopadoopa: like what you download for a ppa? soopadoopa: yeah, use the one you have and then copy over soopadoopa: if you have it on cd or usb do this: soopadoopa: make a usb soopadoopa: use unetbootin soopadoopa, you can get it from a mirror unetbootin wont work for macs. robin0800: I want to download it from a torrent, I've been reading, but I didn't know if there was a way to specify the hash or MD5? CQN: Thank you, I'm using unetbootin now. CQN: What is the benefit of using wget to download a torrent file instead of taule or auto? soopadoopa: can you use a pendrive? okay I installed chromium on ubuntu and I like it. I hate firefox and its ridiculous and I want to stop using it. I installed a few extensions and there are a few that don't work in chromium. How do I go about removing firefox? fenderallen: if you can't find an extension that




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Ecid Check Iphone Serial Numberl

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