Expert Gait Analysis

When it comes to shoe fitting & gait analysis, each customer is a new friend, and every staff member delivers one-on-one time, care, patience and attention to detail.

Bring your old running shoes if you have any.  We will check your wear pattern and watch you walk or run to check for foot motion (overpronation/underpronation) which can lead to injury.

Additionally, we will check your foots anatomy including differences in length, arches, and even your toes.


Choosing the Right Shoe

After the gait analysis our trained associates will assist you on finding the best pair of shoes for your needs. If we need to provide correction, our professionally trained team will suggest tips on form improvement or footwear choices to ensure that you find a shoe that works best with your mechanics, giving you the confidence and peace of mind that you’ve made the best possible choice.

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