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Synchronize your drawings with your smart devices. Share your drawings and comments with co-workers, clients and others using a single application. (video: 1:35 min.)This post is the final in a three-part series that details the new features in AutoCAD 2023.How do you mark up your drawings? Markups offer simple ways to add comments and annotations in the form of text, line-art, blocks, arrows and symbols. AutoCAD has supported an array of annotation styles, styles, and markup types since its first release. All of these features can be found in AutoCAD 2023.This post details the new features added to AutoCAD for user-friendly markups. In addition, this post details how to improve the user experience for those using AutoCAD for the first time, and how to improve the usability of the markups.Understanding MarkupsMarkups in AutoCAD are a series of annotations that are added to drawings. These markups are created with a combination of text, line-art, blocks, arrows, and symbols. There are two types of markups in AutoCAD—auto-created markup and user-created markup.Auto-created markup is created automatically when you use the AutoCAD tools to create objects. For example, the text created with TEXT /T command is automatically inserted into a drawing. The same is true for line-art added with the POINT /L command.User-created markups are created with a combination of text, line-art, blocks, arrows, and symbols. Markups are used in a variety of ways, including annotations for sketches, layouts, and walk-throughs.There are two ways to add markups:Use the Markup /M commandUse the Markup toolbar (via the right-click menu)For more detailed information on the use of markup and marking your designs, please review the following articles:Markups: Use the Markup /M CommandThe Markup /M command allows you to quickly add markups. You can also quickly remove or adjust them in the current drawing window. To add markups to a drawing, choose Markup /M from the menu.In the Markup Type menu, you can select between three predefined markup types:TextLine-ArtMark-Up 2be273e24d

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